Anytime Services

(No Appointment Necessary)

Trim Paws: $10

Sanitary Trim: $5

Teeth Brush: $8

Ears Cleaned: $5

Nail Trim: $10

Trim Face: $10

Anal Glands: $10


Prices By Breed

*** prices shown below are a baseline and can vary based on your pet's age, behavior, coat condition and other factors.  


Your furry friend gets gently bathed with shampoo appropriate for its skin and fur, then dried with a towel and hair dryer.

Partial grooms include a bath and trimming around the face and paws.

Full grooms include everything a partial groom does, with the addition of anal glands expression, nail trim, and accessories of your choice.

Express service available

Short on time or have a special needs pet? Skip our standard 3 hour groom cycle and pay the express fee of an additional $15 per pet. This express fee will expedite the grooming and/or bathing process. Your pet will be ready in 90 minutes or less!

Cat Grooming

Premium Services

Short Hair Cat Bath - $50

Long Hair Cat Bath - $55

Cat Hair Cut - $75

Nail Trim (Anytime) - $10

Shave Mats (Anytime) - $10

*** please note that the prices above for bath and grooming are the starting price and can vary based on the cats condition, size and other factors

Flea Bath Treatment    $5

De-shed Treatment    $15-25

Mudro Mud Spot Treatment   $5-10

Mudro Mud Full Body Treatment $25

*** please note that the prices above are in addition to the regular price for your bathing or grooming quote.


At the Doggie Salon & Spa we pride ourselves in offering the best in pet grooming and health care. We strive to not only pamper your pet, but also return them to you as quickly as possible. The following time estimates should help give you an idea of what's involved and about how long each step requires. Every pet is special and has unique needs--please keep this (and potty breaks) in mind when things take a little longer than expected.